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I feel like such a fraud sometimes. I’m always championing there is hope and go seek treatment and life gets better but I’ve basically given up on therapy and things can still kinda suck 

it’s just that it does get better from being super depressed and wanting to die

but sometimes it just gets to ok

and that’s a real disappointing realization to get to. 


This is the article I originally intended to write on the subject of child abuse, but I felt like it was necessary to explain how this issue became so important in my life, hence the rather long part 1. Part 2 will cover it’s relation to the church and the Christian community.

I wrote about…

Part two, as promised. Shortened link post because a) it is grim subject matter and it did end up being grittier than I originally intended and b) it’s really freaking long. I’m guessing this much would be obvious, but just in case I’ll say Trigger Warning for physical abuse against children and grim descriptions of such actions. 

The doctor came in and was like oh I didn’t see anything on your X-ray and then he examined my leg and felt for the pain and was like uh I’m gonna go take another look at your xray so I don’t know what to make of that


Next older person to complain about millennials has to pay off a random 20-something’s student loans

So I’m currently sitting on a gurney at the urgent care clinic waiting to get the X-rays back to see if I actually managed to break my leg from tripping on a stinking soccer ball
This probably sounds bad but I honestly really hope it is because otherwise they’re probably not gonna figure it out and this hurts like a bitch
Like I’ve torn muscles and all that before heck I ripped three ligaments in my wrist once but this is just awful
This has been a post